Empower Foundation

the non profit arm of Empower Pragati, Empower Foundation; works with companies and organisations that wish to find a way to effectively execute their corporate social responsibility. Though a wide collaborative network of NGOs, Empower Foundation helps channel resources towards skilling the future work force of the country by providing them with vocational training.

Empower Foundation works with vulnerable sections of society in order to make them self sustainable and suitably employed. We are currently working on the ‘ Home Managers’ Project that aims to train and empower domestic help.

If you wish to tie up with Empower Foundation for a CSR project please contact:

Home Managers Programme

The home managers progamme was launched in 2010 with an aim to provide domestic workers with a sustainable livelihood and social respect. In order to archive this, our progamme reached out to ... women who worked as domestic help and gave them the skill set and training required to be home managers.

Through our 60 to 90 days programme we train women in both rural ans urban areas. We enhance our trainees essential life skills and problem solving abilities; and additionally provide training in money management, operation of household gadgets and equipment, healthy cooking and language and communication skills.

At the end of our programme our trainees are equipped to be complete home managers.