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CSR Projects

CSR Projects

Empower Pragati collaborates with numerous organizations to conduct specially Handcrafted CSR activities around the country. The programmes vary from retraining high school dropouts to retraining two-wheeler mechanics, plumbers, farmers, and carpenters. We have provided additional employability training to school kids and have adopted communities in rural regions in order to pursue comprehensive programs and projects.

Skilling Youth: We have been supported by prominent businesses to provide placement-linked skill training programmes to over 10,000 kids in retail, telecom, tourism, hospitality, IT/ITeS, clothing, and a variety of other industries. The training is interactive in character, with equal emphasis on domain training, life skills, computer skills, and English communication. The programmes’ focal points are on-the-job training, field trips, alumni interactions, PTMs, guest lectures, and activity-based learning. Because placement is the major emphasis of the programme, each trainee undergoes rigorous pre-placement preparation, which includes practice interviews, group discussions, and grooming sessions to ensure that they are properly prepared to meet the interviewer. Our assistance does not end there; each trainee is followed up with six months after placement to ensure she is established in her position and receives post-placement counseling throughout the vital six-month period.

School: Is an educational and employability supplement programme for students in grades 1–12. The initiative attempts to close the learning gap in schools that lack the resources to provide excellent computer and English instruction and lay insufficient emphasis on building students’ life skills. This curriculum is likewise focused on engaging school-aged pupils in activity-based learning programmes that are age-appropriate and aligned with certain learning milestones.

Upskilling: Because more than 90% of our workforce is in the informal sector with little or no formal training, it is frequently required to bring them up to speed with today’s changing technology and working practices. These programmes are extremely popular because they serve as a venue for bringing together blue-collar employees who would otherwise never have the opportunity to gather in big numbers and discuss their profession. The thought of receiving instruction to develop their talents is also novel to them, and it serves as a strong motivator for them to participate. We also incorporate workshops on life skills, financial literacy, and other similar modules in these trainings to help individuals develop holistically.

More than 15,000 trainees have benefited from such programmes, and they are now better prepared to confront new problems. They have also demonstrated consistent growth in income over time.

Ongoing Projects

Castrol Eklavya

The programme intends to train two-wheeler mechanics in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, and MP. The intervention’s principal goal is to provide roadside two-wheeler technicians with advanced technical knowledge as well as life skills such as customer relationship management, financial literacy, digital literacy, HSSE, company growth, and so on. During the last six years, we’ve taught over 20,000 mechanics from throughout the country.

AU Ignite

We train over 1140 young people from Alwar and Bharatpur in healthcare, IT/ITeS, and BFSI jobs through the AU IGNITE Centre of Excellence Programme. Our training emphasizes both domain-specific and employability skills to ensure our students have a well-rounded education. We strive to provide a platform for students to gain essential skills that will help them launch successful careers.

Kaushal Sambhal

Our Kaushal Sambal initiative, implemented by Empower Pragati and supported by the M3M Foundation, trains 500 young individuals and upskills 100 street vendors in Badshahpur, India. Our project focuses on empowering street vendors with both domain-specific and life skills, along with handholding support for long-term business success. By enhancing their livelihoods, we aim to contribute to the local economy and create a positive impact in the community.

Redington Foundation

The Redington Foundation-supported skill training center in Tumkur and Bhiwandi delivers vocational training with an emphasis on hands-on learning, with the goal of introducing trainees to best practices and cutting-edge supply chain management approaches through collaborations with industry professionals. The Foundation is dedicated to fostering the development of qualified workers in the logistics sector.

Amber – GI

Our Amber initiative, funded by Generation India, provides vocational training in the general duty assistant and retail service associate sectors in Meerut and Ghaziabad. Our focus is on equipping individuals with hands-on skills and resources that will enable them to pursue careers in these growing sectors, contributing to economic growth. Our aim is to empower individuals by providing them with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in these rapidly expanding industries.

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