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Empower Foundation was established in 2013 and started its operations from Delhi NCR in 2014. Empower Foundation is the not-for-profit arm of Empower Pragati and is registered under Section 25 of Indian Companies Act, 1956. It is 12A and 80G certified. It is also Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) registered.

Ongoing Projects:

  • Vocational Skilling: Job oriented skill development training is provided to unemployed youth through this project. Financial support for these are provided by partnering corporates.​
  • Kiran: The aim here is to enable masses to stand against exploitation by imparting knowledge about their rights and entitlements. This project is designed to conduct a series of awareness generation sessions in both rural and urban areas. Sessions are taken on topics like sexual harassment and its prevention, legal rights of women, open defecation, menstrual health and hygiene, financial inclusion, etc.
  • Badlaav: This project provides functional literacy to adult illiterates to enabling them to independently meet the reading and writing demands placed on them by society.
  • Home Managers: This project aims to transform the lives of homeless, widow, destitute or vulnerable women through providing them skills to earn a dignified livelihood by working as professional domestic workers.

Empower Foundation also executes Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives of various corporates which aim to impact on the lives of the masses.We are driven to transform the communities by empowering them to stand against various forms of exploitation by combating their daily life battles with the help of knowledge and awareness.

Our main target beneficiaries are women, adolescents, youth, domestic workers, and various other marginalized communities & groups.

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Empower Foundation received 'SABERA' (Social Business Enterprise Responsible Award) for 'KIRAN' project