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Mission, Vision & Values

“Transforming Lives, Skilling India” is our core MISSION. This guides the fundamental philosophy behind the work we do, the projects we undertake and the initiatives we launch.

We have derived our VALUES from the mission which drives all aspects of our operations.

We are a passionate and ambitious company wanting to impact the lives of the vulnerable across the country. Being nimble footed, agile and open to learning is a core part of our organization’s culture.

The work atmosphere in Empower Pragati is lively, challenging and inspiring. We are a 1500+ strong team which is spread across the length and breadth of the country. Progressive HR systems for hiring, appraisal, training and career planning are in place. Employees are given responsibility and growth based on their interest, enthusiasm and performance and not necessarily based on years of experience. Ownership is key! We strongly believe that all this is needed to make our MISSION true.


  • Everyone is equal and deserves kind and courteous treatment
  • Understand others first before seeking to be understood
  • Have empathy for the work we do and the people we skill


  • Have a road map in place before you kick off any project
  • Identify issues beforehand
  • Respect timelines


  • What you do is not as important as what you leave behind!
  • Think; because you can make a difference
  • Keep an eye on the ‘Big Picture’


  • Believe and practice openness in our work
  • Trust is a two-way road
  • Ethical behaviour to us means sharing openly but being responsible about the information we share

Super Pumpedness

  • Do things now, and love what you do
  • You can have fun at work
  • Own what you have to do and do not wait to be reminded