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Volunteers & Interns

We welcome people from a variety of backgrounds who are enthusiastic about helping others. Your contributions in a range of fields are made a productive part of each of our projects, giving you hands on experience in what it takes to skill people for a better future.


Impact people’s lives for the better in your own way! For a few hours a week, Empower Pragati welcomes volunteers who can help our trainees with additional support and classes. These sessions enhance the quality of training in the classroom by working with students on their communication and interpersonal skills. Helping the future work force deliver its best, this is an opportunity to have a direct influence on people’s lives.

Volunteers play the role of mentors with the core objective of helping the youth move closer to their goal of earning a livelihood. Weekly sessions following a curriculum that engages students beyond textbooks touching upon topics that help build their coping mechanisms, self confidence, public speaking skills and provide exposure to the relevant industry are conducted.


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