Fee Based

We believe that in order to make vocational Skilling get and the sector sustainable reach and scale paid (student paying fees) training model is the way to go. The fees to be charged should be nominal and affordable while the quality of the training and delivery should be of the highest standard.


Empower Pragati has the future vision to have courses on ‘Soft Skill Development’, ‘English Speaking’ and ‘High Level of Retail classes among others such in demand programs.

Banks provide various types of loans to customer as per their requirement but collection of these loans are not done by bankers. The collection of money is outsourced to various agencies that are in the profession or process of collecting loan amounts or debts from customers on behalf of bankers. The people who are in the profession of collecting loan amount or Debt from customers on behalf of banks are known as Debt Recovery Agents (DRA). Reserve bank of India along with Indian Banks’ Association in consultation with Indian Institute of Banking & Finance has formulated a certificate course for Debt Recovery Agents.


The objective of the course is:

  • To improve functional knowledge in the areas of banking products, policies, processes and procedures.
  • To develop competence and soft skills for collection of banking debts through fair practice. Focus will be on personal effectiveness and interpersonal behavior.
  • To have knowledge of legal procedure and operational aspects of banking
  • To professionalize the profession

The training aims to bridge the knowledge gap of debt recovery agents about banking products, policies, and procedures. The DRA training is imparted by institutes accredited by Indian Institute of Banking & Finance. We Empower Pragati is an accredited institute by IIBF to conduct DRA training.


The DRA training is imparted in duration of:

  • 100 hours for Undergraduate in 13days. (70 to 75 hours on personal effectiveness and interpersonal behavior / 25 to 30 hours on legal procedure and operational aspects).
  • 50 hours for graduates in 7 days. (30 to 35 hours on personal effectiveness and interpersonal behavior / 15 to 20 hours on legal procedure and operational aspects).

On completion of the training the candidates are required to appear for certification conducted by IIBF. Candidate will receive mar sheet and certificate on successful certification.
Empower Pragati started DRA training from 2011 and till date we have trained 5000 + candidates.

Since DRA is a paid training, we do not have funding partners. Either the candidates pay personally for the training or the organization pay on behalf of their employees who are working on collection process.

We do have more than 70 training partners who regularly provide candidates for training.