CSR Projects

Empower Pragati works with various corporates to implement specially designed CSR initiatives in a variety of sectors across the country. The programmes range from skilling school dropouts to upskilling two wheeler mechanics, plumbers, farmers and carpenters. We have conducted top up employability training for school students and also adopted villages in rural areas for implementing holistic community development programmes.

Skilling Youth – We have been supported by top corporates in providing placement linked skill training programmes to more than 10,000 youth across the Retail, Telecom, Tourism & Hospitality, IT/ITeS, Apparel and a host of other such sectors. The trainings provided are interactive in nature with an equal focus given to domain training as well as life skills, computer skills and English communication. On the job training, field visits, alumni interactions, PTMs, guest lectures and activity based learning are the focus areas of the programmes. Since placement is the primary focus of the programme, there is a rigorous pre placement preparation done with each trainee, which includes her going through mock interviews, group discussions and grooming sessions so as to ensure that they are fully ready to face the interviewer.  Our intervention doesn’t end here as there is a six month follow up with each trainee post the placement so that she is well settled in her job and is provided with post placement counselling in the critical 6 month period.

School+ – This is our educational and employability top up programme for school going children from Class 1 to 12. The programme aims to bridge the gap in learning at schools that do not have the resources to impart quality Computer and English training and lay little emphasis on developing the life competencies of their students. This programme is also focused on engaging the school going students in activity based learning programmes which are suited to the particular age groups and mapped against specific learning milestones.

Upskilling – Over 90% of our workforce is in the informal sector with little or no formal training and it often becomes necessary to bring them up to date with the changing technologies and working patterns of today. These programmes are hugely popular as they also serve as a forum to bring together the blue collared workers who otherwise never find the time to meet in large groups and discuss their trade. The idea of receiving training to hone their skills is also new to them and is thus a big motivating factor for them to join. In these trainings too, we include sessions on life skills, financial literacy and other such modules so as to develop the individual in an all-round manner.  More than 15,000 trainees have benefitted from such upskilling programmes and are now more equipped to face new challenges and who have shown a definitive increase in income in the long term.

Trainees at Dadri and Unchahar, Uttar Pradesh attending session as part of NTPC’s CSR skilling initiative